ad hoc:
1: formed or used for specific or immediate problems or needs;
2: fashioned from whatever is immediately available: IMPROVISED.

ad hoc projects was born in 2018, when a group of upstate New York artists presented a pop-up show called "The Truth Is Not the Truth" or What You Think You See May Not Be What You're Seeing. All thirteen participants not only wanted to bring challenging, provocative work to the area but also liked the idea of utilizing a variety of venues as well as a pop-up format. (ad hoc projects is not a cooperative and does not have—or want —a dedicated space for presenting work.) From that point on, the group has become a collective, in which members are able to not only show their own work but also have the opportunity to curate shows that include nonmember artists.

With the arrival of the corona virus and the unavailability of indoor spaces, the group decided to launch a virtual gallery, presenting Transparency, curated by Patrice Lorenz, as the first of its online shows.

Whatever the prevailing conditions, ad hoc projects, true to its original mission, will continue to present fresh and thought-provoking projects inside, outside, and online.

ad hoc projects is Beth Caspar, Laura Sue King, Roman Kossak, Hedi Kyle, Patrice Lorenz, Amy Masters, Elaine Mayes, Alan Powell, Miguel Martinez-Riddle, Ted Sheridan, Wanda Siedlecka, Nat Thomas, and Tona Wilson