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Outside Looking In – Storefront windows in Stamford, NY
Self-guided walking tour, November 7 - 28, 2020
Organized by Ted Sheridan and Amy Masters in partnership with The Roxbury Arts Group

Being an "outsider" is not necessarily a bad thing. We live in a time where dialogue, opinions, and identity are tending to box us in instead of fostering new connections and providing new ways to see the world. This year has been an unusually heavy dose of being inside, looking out and reflecting on turbulent times for all of us. Flipping the narrative, we are on the outside, looking in.

Participating artists: Beth Caspar, Laura Sue King, Hedi Kyle, Patrice Lorenz, Miguel Martinez-Riddle, Amy Masters, Elaine Mayes, Alan Powell, Ted Sheridan, Nat Thomas and Ellen Wong.
Participating businesses: Solinsky’s, TP’s Café, Railroad Ave Supply (ACE), and It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.